Peer Coaching 1 "Karriere mit Promotion: Wirtschaft oder Wissenschaft?" (in German language)

All workshops of the Graduate Academy can be attended free of costs from now on!

This programme (in German language) targets postdocs and experienced doctoral researchers and focusses on the planning and development of careers within and outside academia. The first round ran from April to August 2021. The adjacent figure gives an overview of the workshops.

The programme is based on the principle of peer coachings, meaning that the participants also meet on a regular basis outside the workshops in order to network beyond the borders of their scientific specialization and in order to further develop the contents of the workshops and coaching sessions.

It is not possible to only book parts of the programme, meaning that attendance at all scheduled workshops is expected.

Information on modules and trainers (in German).

For further information please contact:

Dr. Wiebke Greeff

phone: 0441 - 798 2914

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