Making the transition work

Gas shortages, rising prices and extended operating times for nuclear power plants: the energy crisis affects everyone and is a major topic of debate right now. What must be done for the green energy transition towards renewable energy sources to succeed? Five experts from our university report from the perspective of their respective fields.

IT is essential

Digitisation and information technology are indispensable for energy systems to remain stable, says energy informatics scientist Astrid Nieße. Here she describes her vision of the future.


Promote wind energy research now

Good research conditions are needed to accelerate the expansion of wind energy, argues Stephan Barth, Managing Director of the Center for Wind Energy Research ForWind.


"It's all about money"

For the transition to renewable energies to succeed, divestments from fossil fuels are necessary, says Jörn Hoppmann, head of the university’s Management Research Group.


Fossil fuels must go up in price

Higher prices for fossil fuels are necessary to promote the energy transition, says energy industry expert Christoph Böhringer. But the current crisis poses major problems for society.


Understanding change

Solutions must be found that go beyond individual technologies, says sociologist Jannika Mattes. Among other things, she conducts research on the regional energy transition.


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