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Application web portals

The University of Oldenburg has decided to implement a web-based software for application and professorial appointment procedures. In the course of 2023, the gradual connection of the organizational units for job applications regarding technical and administrative staff as well as professorial appointment procedures will begin. Pilot processes with selected units will take place in advance.

Two separate portals will be set up for job applications and professorial appointment procedures. In future, not only will applicants be able to apply for positions online, but the committees will also be able to access the application documents and work digitally in the portal.

Overall information

What does the portal contain?

The entire job application or professorial appointment process is mapped on the portal - from the application to the appointment proposal.

  • Applicants submit their complete application data and can keep track of the status of the procedure via the portal.
  • The committee receives the application documents and additional procedural information via the portal.
  • Communication with the applicants usually happens via the portal.

What are the advantages of an application portal?

Process optimisation
The procedure is supported by automated processes and ensures that work is made easier.

Time saving
Data is available immediately. Manual production of synopses and evaluations is no longer necessary.

Save procedures and quality assurance
Standardised procedures and templates ensure the collection of precise data from applicants. Applicants receive an automated insight into the status of the application process.

Information for applicants

How do I apply via the portal?

Please follow the link in the advertisement text (via or
There you can choose the particular application form. After a short registration, the application form opens where you can enter your data and upload additional documents. Through registration, we can communicate with you via the portal and you can always see the current status of the procedure.

The application form contains also more information on how to fill out the form and on the procedure itself.

Are there special aspects regarding in-house applications?

We kindly ask in-house applicants to register with a private e-mail address.
The official e-mail address of the UOL is reserved for the participation in an appointment committee.

Do I receive notifications via the portal?

In most cases, we will communicate with you via the portal. The e-mail address registered in your profile is used in this regard for further legally binding communication in the procedure (inquiries, possible invitations to hearings/interviews, rejections, etc.). You will be informed of the receipt of a new message in the portal via a system message to this e-mail address.

How can I follow the status of the procedure?

Applicants can follow the status of the procedure by logging in to the portal. The current status of the procedure is automatically displayed in the user account.

Information for committee members and external expert reviewers

How do I get access to the portal?

To participate in the appointment procedure, you will receive an invitation e-mail with a link to register in the portal.

Members of the UOL can log in via the button “University Login (UOL staff only)". You can find additional instructions here.

As an external member/reviewer you can register with your e-mail address and a password of your choice. For further details, please also refer to the invitation e-mail.

We recommend that you bookmark the link to the portal in your browser for the duration of the procedure.

What does the portal look like for me as a committee member or reviewer?

For your orientation about the functions of the web application portal, we have created a video. Please contact your administrators for further explanations.

What if I am involved in several procedures at the same time?

All procedures in which you are involved are displayed in the portal.

In the section "Data" you can select the corresponding procedure.

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