International applications

International applications

Application documents

When it comes to applying for a job, every country has its own standards. Your documents should in any case be

  • well structured and with a clear message,
  • adjusted to the specific employer and job offer,
  • as brief and informative as possible,
  • composed in the national language or in English,
  • focused on your practical experience.

Job interview

The first job interview for an international job or internship usually takes place via telephone or video-call. Generally speaking, there are a lot of common elements compared to a face-to-face interview, especially relating to the structure and frequently asked questions

Top 10 tips for interview preparation

  1. Use a reputable name for your account
  2. Check the technology and lighting in advance by calling a friend
  3. Make sure to use a neutral and cleaned up background
  4. Wear formal and appropriate clothes
  5. Rehearse the welcome text and a short presentation of yourself, relevant experiences and competences in advance
  6. Prepare questions for the employer
  7. Freshen up specific vocabulary and research the "wording", the company uses on their website
  8. Hang up documents with relevant keywords next to the screen so you can look on them discreetly
  9. Pay Attention to articulation, calm gestures and eye contact during the interview
  10. At the end of the interview, thank the interviewer for the conversation and eventually write a short follow-up email
(Changed: 2021-04-30)