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Internships abroad

Internships abroad

An internship abroad is a fantastic opportunity to gain unique personal and professional experience during your studies; you have the chance to gain international work experience and broaden your horizons at the same time. On top of that, experience abroad can help to boost your career prospects – both at home and abroad.

If you are still unsure whether an internship abroad is the right choice for you or if you have any questions about what to do next, please contact us by email or make an appointment to chat to an advisor (Stud.IP).

During the consultation, we will develop a personalised strategy to help you research and plan your internship and answer the following questions:

  • When and for how long should you go abroad?
  • What are the goals of the internship?
  • Which countries and industries should you consider?
  • Where is the best place to look for positions?

Current vacancies for internships abroad are regularly posted on the notice board in Stud.IP or on the University of Oldenburg’s JobPortal (in German).

International school placements: In addition to voluntary international placements, it is possible to complete one of the compulsory placements at a school abroad as part of the degree programme. You can find all the necessary information on the website of the Centre for Teacher Training and Didactics (DIZ) (in German).

Information on finding a position

Job websites for internships abroad

Student placement programmes for internships abroad 

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