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  • Duration: 4 semesters
  • Degree Award: Master of Science
  • Language: German
  • admission free
  • Special admission requirements







Looking for a special Master's programme?

We present our Master's programme in Environmental Modelling!

Our lecturer Dr. Jan Freund and our Master's student Diajeng Wulandari Atmojo will give you an insight into the many opportunities offered by studying at the ICBM at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg.

Online on 14 June 2023 at 10:00 a.m.

Simply log in at:

Environmental Modelling: Wie aus Daten Prognosen werden (in German) -

Environmental Modelling - Master's Programme

You want to apply for a Master's Programme in Environmental Modelling.

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Most important points

  • The study course is admission free.
  • Application for beginning students is possible in winter semester.
  • First day of application: June 1st, 2023
  • Application deadline: September 30th, 2023
  • Application: not possible

Special admission requirements













Bachelor's degree or equivalent qualification in sciences, mathematics, economics, computing science or environmental science or in a closely related field, where the aforementioned fields of study are worth at least 90 credit points.

Fees and tuition

Normal fees and tuition, see more details .

Admission process

With a first degree from Germany you need to apply online from June 1st, 2023 until September 30th, 2023 for the beginning of Wintersemester 2023/2024.

For open-admission Master's degree programmes it is strongly recommended to submit their applications as early as possible before 15.07. If the supporting documents are submitted after this date but before the standard application deadlines, your application can only be processed at the start of the lecture period in the new semester. This may result serious problems (German document).

For the online application please have your personal data and your university degree from Germany on hand. Another option is to use your transcript of records with the total amount of your credit points and overall average grade of your studies.

At the end of the online application you get the document Bewerbungsantrag to print out. Please send this document signed with all other mentioned documents to the University of Oldenburg.

Your documents need to be at the University of Oldenburg until September 30th, 2023.


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