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EINBLICKE 52 / Fall 2010 ISSUE

EINBLICKE 52 / Fall 2010 ISSUE

Dear Reader,

Sometimes scientific research turns to matters we tend to take for granted with micrological tenacity. Suddenly the matter-of-fact becomes peculiar – and interesting. Such is the case in our title story “On the Playing Fields of Subjectivation”. Taking the example of a trainee teacher, the Oldenburg sports sociologist and lead scientist of the graduate research group „Self-Imaging“, Thomas Alkemeyer, illustrates just how complex it can be for an individual to find his or her subject position. According to Alkemeyer, we have to “slip into the rules of the game” in order to do this.

Martin Kühn is more at home in the field of wind energy. In our EINBLICKE portrait, we describe his personal path towards becoming an expert in this field – beginning in times when wind energy was still the preserve of hobby enthusiasts and eco freaks, up to his present involvement in the design of sophisticated offshore wind parks, which is what the passionate windsurfer is working on today.  

Werner Damm, expert for safety-critical systems, points out a dangerous gap in the discourse surrounding such systems. Embedded systems are experiencing a veritable boom – but not enough attention is being paid to the effects these systems may have on people. You will find his emphatic plea for interdisciplinary dialogue in the middle of the magazine.

Much of poet Friedrich Hölderlin’s life remains shrouded in mystery. He seems like a picture puzzle, a strange existence that has been interpreted in many ways. We interview the Hölderlin researcher, Sabine Doering, on the impossibility of trying to properly construe the life of the poet – and on the primacy of knowing about very mundane things in order to fully apprehend his works.  

Cloud Computing is a flexible system of processing data via interconnected outsourced computers. Jorge Marx Gómez and Ulrike Steffens provide us with an introduction to the topic from the perspective of corporate environmental informatics, which focuses on the energy-efficient side of storage technology.

We wish you an interesting and stimulating read!

Your EINBLICKE editorial team

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