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EINBLICKE 50 / Fall 2009 ISSUE

EINBLICKE 50 / Fall 2009 ISSUE

Dear reader,

You have in front of you the 50th edition of the research magazine EINBLICKE. This is also the occasion of a small anniversary. For 25 years now the magazine has been appearing on a biannual basis. Although in the meantime the layout has changed quite a bit, the content focus has hasn’t altered: The scholars and scientists of our University contribute articles containing straightforward explanations of their research work – in a language not only understood by a close group of experts, but also for members of the broader public curious to know more about what goes on at our University. This continues to be the concept pursued by the editorial staff. It wasn’t always easy, but it always worked in the end. Our magazine has been able to give people both inside and outside the University an insight into the many-faceted aspects of the work carried out at Oldenburg University and the results of research here. Past editions dedicated to our University’s research specialities, especially energy research, hearing research, and – most recently – sustainability research, have undoubtedly attracted a special interest. But also many others among the more than 400 authors who contributed to EINBLICKE can be sure their articles were read with interest. In the case of the psychologist Ulrich Mees, there is tangible evidence for this. In 1997 he submitted an article on “Love and Limerance” (Liebe und Verliebtsein in EINBLICKE Nr. 25). Anyone Googling the word „Verliebtsein“ will find that his article still comes up first among the 155,000 results. This is also gratifying for the editorial staff of EINBLICKE.

Gerhard Harms

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