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Promoting Young Scientists

Promoting Research and Young Scientists

The Faculty Council decided to establish a pool for research and professional development (establishment decision of 07.02.2007, amending decision of 28.10.2009, with amendments in the new session on 22.6.2011). This pool is equipped with faculty resources.

Faculty members can apply annually for 01.April or 01.October to access these pool resources for research and the promotion of young scientists.

In addition young researchers can apply any time for financial support if they wish to participate in scientific conferences/congresses.

Applications are decided upon by a committee, comprised of deanery members and the director/directress of the faculty.

The following conditions apply for research support:

  1. Only those projects can be supported that will secure a follow-up financing with other long-term financial capitals (e.g. third-party funds) after the start-up funding ends. The initial financing therefore is to be used primarily for the support of project development and the preparation of a further application. Future development and financing options are to be stated in the application, as is the use of the initial financing.
  2. A project may be only funded once out of the faculty pool.
  3. A summary report is to be submitted about the use of the start-up funding and the further development of the research project. The presentation of reports is a prerequisite for the granting of further initial financing for other research projects.
  4. Proposals should not exceed 5 pages (including the statement of financial requirements for the initial phase) and have to be submitted to the deanery.

The following conditions apply to the promoting of young scientists:

  1. Young scientists are all faculty members who are engaged in teaching and research and do not belong to the body of university professors.

    The young scholars also include graduate students who are admitted to PhD. studies at Faculty IV (even if they are not employed). In particular, academic staff and those employed for qualification purposes or in temporary teaching positions and in third-party-funded projects can be promoted.

  2. Priority will be given to applications which support the active participation (e.g. own talk, poster-presentation etc.) of young scientists on conferences, congresses, workshops etc.

    Participation in academic teaching qualification offers can also be promoted, and subordinated, also in other specific advanced training programmes.

  3. Only subsidies to travelling expenses and entrance fees can be covered as grants. Costs up to 500 will be taken over by the faculty to 100%, costs 500-750 are covered to 75%. In these cases, the institutes or the work area can take over the remaining costs.
    The maximum funding
    limit is 750 .

  4. Proposals should not exceed 2 pages and are submitted to the dean. The request must contain the context in which participation in a scientific meeting/training is related to the scientific interests and skills of the young scientist. A brief statement of a supervising university teacher and a cost overview must be attached.

Please contact: Dean´s office / administration

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