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MA Philosophy

Master Philosophy

In face of the problems which determine the situation of our time it has become more and more current, not to say the least, essential for survival to understand that it is our task to absorb the presence in which we are living in our thoughts and to start thinking about what might cause this world to rip apart or may be keep together – for the seemingly relentless growth of social abundance comes along with the relative impoverishment of its producers; the advancing domination of nature made possible by natural sciences and technology seems to be linked to the thread if not to the irreparable destruction of our nature on which life is grounded; globalisation through fusion causes humanity to drift apart; violence and misery are spreading globally. Within the university it is philosophy where all these pressing problems battering us can be reeled in fundamental and clarifying basic ideas.
Philosophy is committed to a long tradition and a 2000-year-old practice of questioning: What can we know? What shall we do? What can we hope for? What is man? The Master Philosophy at Oldenburg University takes up these fundamental questions. Students understand the basic principles of philosophy and its rich history; deepen central theories based on classical philosophers as well as intensified contemporary discussions, they acquire skills of extensive text analysis and critique and altogether the ability to philosophize autonomously and are able to transfer skills they acquired on philosophical topics to non-philosophical areas.
The department of Philosophy offers good conditions for this. Characterized by its strong interdisciplinary and trans-disciplinary orientation it qualifies students on the basis of a broad content-historical and methodical knowledge of the subject for critical comment on scientific and social problems and to be able to analytical argumentative evaluation.
Philosophers are ‘specialists for common goods’ whose demand is increasing in a continuously distinguishing and diversifying society.
The Master of Arts in Philosophy establishes links to less pre-structured occupational fields, which enables students with their specific and trans-disciplinary competences to find access into academic and non-academic professional practice. A close linkage to the Master of Education Philosophy/Values and Norms opens up perspectives for the field of advanced training and in social or ethical counselling. Careers and Occupational Fields
There are only a few concrete occupational fields assigned to Philosophy as subject, and a relatively small percentage of graduates will be able to work professionally in a narrower sense philosophically. Study of Philosophy works out a basic humanistic education and knowledge of cultural tradition and forms therefore to a large extend key competences like reflectivity, argumentation skills, critical faculties and creativity. Graduates possessing these key competences can be regarded as all-rounders among the arts scholars. Other than the classical career field at universities (with very limited vacancies as is generally known) activities in periodicals, journals, publishers, other media, in libraries, bookstores, in adult education (academies, adult education centres) in public administration and organizations, in political areas or even as independent authors are common working fields of philosophers. Recently there have been activities in ethics committees, offices for impact assessment, consulting or in philosophical practices as interesting and promising occupational fields. Regulations of Admission Requirements (pdf) More Information

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