Corona crisis: entry regulations for international students

If you are an international student planning to start studying at the University of Oldenburg and need information on entry and quarantine as well as on the International Orientation Week, events etc., please register here:

Entry regulations

"Hello and Moin,
From the beginning of your stay here in Oldenburg till your departure we will support you with any kind of questions regarding your studies and daily life. Feel free to contact us via email at intedqprn++pkatio2hre8nal.tutorbz@uoyv2l.g3ude2rd or talk to us in person.
We are pleased to help you."

Aurelia Giuliana Orlando

Languages: German, English

Studies: Economics, Social Sciences

Katerina Tounousidi

Languages: German, English, Greek

Studies: Biology

Kumar Ashish

Languages: German, English, Hindi, Nepalese

Studies: Engineering Physics

Moritz Hey

Languages: German, English

Studies: Biology, German Studies

Tim Loesche

Languages: German, English

Studies: Business Informatics

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