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Translation coordinator

Based in the International Office, the translation coordinator supports the administration and the schools of the University of Oldenburg in providing English-language content for websites and publications. By checking and storing the texts centrally, we aim to ensure the terminology used on the website and in documents relevant to international university members and students is consistent.

A word about DeepL & Co - DeepL is a powerful tool, but its output needs to be checked by someone who is proficient in both languages. When target group-specific wording really matters, careful post-editing is indispensable! Tools such as DeepL or Google Translate still operate at sentence level and may use a different translation for each occurrence of a specific term. In a professional translation environment, compliance with our university terminology can be checked automatically. Use our service!

The translation coordinator works with external translators, preferably the team of the Language Centre of the University of Groningen. The translations supplied are stored bilingually in a full-text database so that they can be reused if necessary and the consistency of the terminology used can be checked as needed. The translation coordinator checks the translations supplied by our partners for compliance with UOL terminology.

Commissioning and paying for translations

Do you need a translation for the administration or a central institution of the University of Oldenburg?

There is a limited annual budget for this. Simply send us an e-mail with the text to be translated in a text file (e.g. Word, Open Office, ...). We will inform you whether your order can be financed through the budget and if not, we will provide an estimate.

Do you need a translation for a School?

Request a quote from .

The quote is fine?

The translation coordinator will send you a shopping basket via EDE, which you then confirm via a purchase requisition. You will then receive an invoice with the translation.

Please note that the translation coordinator can only accept work from university units. If you require translations of personal documents, we recommend that you use the Dolmetscher- und Übersetzerdatenbank der Landesjustizverwaltungen or the translator directory of the German Association of Translators and Interpreters.

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