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Individual academic writing sessions

Individual academic writing sessions

Would you like to talk about your work, whether it’s a term paper, thesis, report or draft presentation? You can do this as part of a confidential one-to-one conversation in our individual academic writing sessions. These sessions will provide you with answers to questions you have about the structure of your work, argumentation or academic language. Our academic writing sessions are process-oriented. You will receive neutral feedback regarding your approach and together we will consider how you can organise individual work steps. We don’t offer you advice in terms of the contents of your work, i.e. the academic writing sessions are not a substitute for professional supervision provided by your lecturer.

We offer you two types of academic writing sessions:

1. Individual academic writing sessions

​​​​​​​To make an appointment, please send an email to the Learning Workshop, stating your subject and project.

2. Peer writing advice

If you have shorter questions about your writing project, you can contact our student writing advisers, who are available to help you every Tuesday from 10 to 11.30 a.m. Please send an email to: Nantje Haupt, , stating your subject.

(Changed: 2021-11-19)