Scientific Writing and Publishing Workshop

Lecturer: Prof. Geoffrey Manley, STELS-OL

Course Language: English

Credit points:1,5

Registration: via StudIP (for students from the University of Bremen “shibboleth login”)


Workshop agenda:

Day 1: Scientific publishing today

  • Where to publish Choosing a journal
  • Instructions for authors Choosing authors and “who does what and when?”
  • Coordinating authors
  • Submitting your manuscript – including letter to the editor.
  • Choosing possible reviewers
  • Responding to reviews
  • Making your work known; copyright!


Day 2: The structure of your paper

  • the title of a paper
  • writing an effective abstract,
  • the introduction – what is important?
  • the materials and methods – what and how much?
  • the results – systematic and clear; use of figures
  • the discussion – place your data in context
  • the conclusions
  • Pitfalls: plagiarism and its consequences; citing and quoting, passive voice, British or American English. Common errors

Day 3. Practice Session

  • Individual practice session for paper writing, talks, posters and manuscript study.
  • At the request of the participants: Publishing as a poster or as a conference talk


04.12.2017 09:00 – 06.12.2017 17:00

W30-3-324 ; W30-0-27/28 (Nessy)

Graduate School OLTECH

(Changed: 2021-07-22)