Regulations of the Graduate School OLTECH

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Structure of the Graduate School OLTECH

Since 2009, the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTECH) offers doctoral candidates the opportunity for subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualification to strengthen important key competences alongside their doctorate. 

OLTECH functions as an umbrella organisation for different PhD study programmes, PhD programmes of the School/Faculty of Mathematics and Science, the School/Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences and supports doctoral candidates of the Department of Computing Science of the School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law (School/Faculty II) with additional qualification opportunities.

Membership in OLTECH is voluntary. It offers many advantages and opportunities. At the end of the doctoral period, members also receive a transcript of records, an overview of all achievements or a final certificate confirming the successful completion of a doctoral course or programme (according to examination regulations).

Doctoral (degree)/PhD (study) programmes

By working on his/her PhD project and participating in one of the PhD study programmes, the candidate achieves his/her title and a certificate about the successful participation in the PhD programme.

The participants are integrated into the research areas of the Research Centre Neurosensory Science (RCNS), the Centre of Interface Science (CIS), the Institute for Biology and Environmental Sciences (IBU) and the Institute for Chemistry and Biology of the Marine Environment (ICBM).

The PhD study programmes and the Graduate School OLTECH offer modules in scientific knowledge, communicative competences and interdisciplinary competences.

The Graduate School OLTECH offers a three-year PhD programme at the university of Oldenburg with a focus on research in the fields of:

Graduate School OLTECH also offers various workshops and interdisciplinary courses. 

International Activities

Doctoral researchers are encouraged to study and work in laboratories abroad. Such international research visits should be made for a longer period of time or in several shorter periods. PhD candidates should present their results at international con­gresses and enlarge their scientific networks internationally.

We encourage our PhD students to participate in international summer schools and congresses. Travel grants of the Graduate School OLTECH are available twice a year. 


The Graduate School OLTECH offers a network to other research institutes and cooperations.

The PhD study programmes encourage individual internships or trainings in companies and international research institutes.

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