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Panel discussion: Success and Future Development of Graduate Schools

OLTECH PhD study programme Neurosensory Science & Systems PhD study programme Interface Science PhD study programme Environmental Sciences and Biodiversity PhD programme Renewable Energy OLTECH+3GO PhD programme Medicine and Health Sciences PhD programme Mathematics and Fundamental Physics

10th Anniversary of the Graduate School Science, Medicine and Technology (OLTECH)

Opening speeches:

  • Prof. Dr. Georg Klump (OLTECH director)
  • Stephan Albani (Chief Executive Officer of the Hörzentrum Oldenburg, MdB)
  • ...

Panel discussion:

  • Dr. Isolde von Bülow, Head of des Graduate Centers der LMU München
  • Prof. Dr. Denise Manahan-Vaughan, Dean of studies, International Graduate School of Neuroscience, Ruhr-University Bochum
  • N.N., Kooperationsstelle EU der Wissenschaftsorganisationen (KoWi)
  • Prof. Dr. Eric Boddeke, Dean of Research, UMCG Groningen (invited)
  • N.N., Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg

More information follows soon...

After the panel discussion, the 10th Anniversary of the Graduate School OLTECH will be celebrated with some refreshments and snacks.

The event is supported by the Universitätsgesellschaft Oldenburg. Thanks!


Start Time

19. November 2019, 18:00


Graduate School OLTECH


Bibliothekssaal (BIS), Campus Haarentor

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