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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
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Study-relevant internships

Dual Subject Bachelor

Orientation Internship

The General Examination Regulations of the dual-subject bachelor programme provides (for the teacher training also) that students (usually in the second semester) complete a three-week (extracurricular) internship in the summer semester to gain first general professional orientation. In addition, there is an accompanying course, students may choose a consecutive curriculum for the orientation and career-related internship in philosophy / values ​​and norms. The course must differ from already selected courses. It will NOT be possible to account double for the same course for both, a specialized module and the orientation internship.
Internship plus course form the module "orientation internship" in the amount of 6 ECTS. Responsible for the organization of the internship is the respective subject. The internship counsellor of Philosophy/ Values and Norms studies can assist you with questions you might have and for the search and placement you may address the (homepage in German) Career Service.

General School internship (ASP)

Students that target the professional goal teacher must complete the general teaching practice in the Bachelor degree programme. The study plan provides for it in the fourth semester (summer semester), an accompanying lecture will be visited then. During the next semester break a six-week practice phase follows, in which students sit in on a class, make their first own teachers conduct experiments and get to know the school day in general and edit a small empirical research question. The organization of the internship and school assignments are under the responsibility of the Didactic Centre. For information and registration purposes, please visit the German homepage of the DIZ.

Master of Education

specialized internship (FP)

In the context of the 9 ECTS comprehensive practical module in the Master of Education 6 ECTS are reserved for the preparation, implementation and follow-up of the specialized internship. This is a six-week teaching practice, which students complete in one of their subjects. The activities include sitting in on classes and the participation in general school events, but especially the preparation and conduct of own lessons and units. The registration and organization of the internship is done by the Didactic Centre (DIZ) just as in the general school placements. In the course schedule the practice phase is intended for the semester break between the first and second semester. The accompanying course will be visited accordingly in the first semester.

Research and development internship (FEP)

Beside the internship, a practical module in the Master of Education has to be completed with 3 ECTS in a comprehensive research and development internship. In addition to a practical teaching experience, the stay at the internship school is used to pursue a "small" school educational or teaching didactic relevant research question through an empirical survey and its evaluation. This is done in the field of study in which the internship is NOT completed. For the choice of topic and the implementation of the research project, please contact the internship counselling just as in the other subjects in the values and norms programme.

Master of Arts

elective practice module (PM 2)

Students of the Master of Arts in Philosophy must take a mandatory practice elective module during their studies, either by directing an accompanying tutorial to the introductory basic lectures; in the implementation of a six-week non-university internship (e.g. in scientific publishers or scientific and research organizations); or by specific studies and relevant language courses totaling 12 credits. All internship forms are complemented by an accompanying course. For advice and registration purposes, please contact the Master of Philosophy mentor of the Institute.

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