Organisations for Promoting Talented Individuals

The eleven organisations operating nationwide to fund talented individuals (Begabtenförderwerke) promote highly qualified and motivated students and doctoral candidates on a financial and a non-financial level.

Resources for Doctoral Students

The German Society for Foreign Language Research (DGFF) offers doctoral candidates financial support for data collection as well as training for special measures in the framework of the DGFF Research Fund.

The Christiane Nüsslein-Volhard Foundation for promoting science and research supports talented young, female scientists with children to give them the necessary freedom and mobility for a scientific career.

PhD Funding

The PhD with a Research Postion

The doctoral degree in combination with a position as a scientific assistant or with a fellowship in a postgraduate programme usually occurs via the application for a job or a vacancy for doctoral research.

Information on the search for vacancies or scholarships can be found on the website of the Graduate Academy.

The PhD with a Scholarship

Many foundations and organisations fund doctoral studies in the form of scholarships. There are usually set dates, once or twice a year, when applications for scholarships are to be submitted. Contact the foundation or organisation before applying to obtain the latest information on the application process.

Options for the Search for Scholarships

The following are examples of options to search for doctoral scholarships:

Databases to search for scholarships in Germany

Databases to search for scholarships in Germany and abroad

Database to search for scholarships abroad

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