Funding Opportunities for Doctoral Students

If you have completed your studies and you are thinking about doing doctoral research or if you have recently decided to do doctoral studies, we recommend that you read the essay Ich will promovieren (German only) to get a general overview.

Detailed information related to doing doctoral studies can be found on the website of the Graduate Academy of the University of Oldenburg.

A doctorate is a very important point in your academic career and in your life. You should, therefore, pay the greatest attention to financing your doctorate. You can finance your doctorate with

  • a position as a scientific assistant,
  • a position or a fellowship in a postgraduate programme,
  • or an external scholarship fund.

For major funding organizations, such as the EU, DFG, etc., you are, however, only eligible to apply after obtaining your doctorate. Nevertheless, there are many ways for you to finance your doctorate, e.g. to apply with a foundation or one of the talent development programmes.

If you have no or little experience with writing such proposals, please refer to Wie stelle ich einen Antrag? (German only)

Under doctoral funding, we have compiled a selection of funding and research options that does not claim to be complete.

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