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International Term in Fakultät II / Business Administation, Economics and Law 

The following modules are being offered in English for international students:

This list shows examples of modules offered in English. Please check for changes each semester.


Winter Term:

4.    International Economics (summer term: lecture, winter term: seminar, EM 8) (Trautwein)
5.    Legal Terminology (1st semester) (Tim Torsten Schwithal)
6.    Judicial Protection and fundamental freedoms (3rd  semester) (Tim Torsten Schwithal)

Summer Term:
5.    International Economics (summer term: lecture, winter term: seminar, EM8) (Trautwein)
6.    Introduction to International and EU law (2nd Semester) (Tim Torsten Schwithal)
7.    International Market Law Harmonisation and Competitive Law (6th semester) (Tim Torsten Schwithal)
8.    Moot Court EU Law (6th  semester) (Tim Torsten Schwithal)

New offers are still being discussed.
7.    Entrepreneurship
8.    Managerial Environmental Policy
9.    Environmental Economics and Environmental Policy
10.    Resource and Energy Economics
11.    Governance
12.    Interfaculty Cluster, e.g. “European Studies” (2 modules per term)

Master Level Courses (Modules):

Winter Term:
8.    International Sustainability Management (SEM) (Siebenhüner)
9.    Practical Project in Sustainability Management (SEM) (Siebenhüner)
10.    Advanced Macroeconomics (WiRe-B) (Trautwein)
11.    International Finance and Exchange-Rate Economics (WiRe-TEL4) (Trautwein)
12.    International and EU Economic Law (WiRe-B) (N.N.)
13.    International Public Finance (6CP) (WiRe-TEL5a) (Ebert), alternating with:
14.    International Regulatory and Competition Policy (6CP) (WiRe-TEL5b) (Welsch)

Summer Term:
7.    Transnational Relations and Law (WiRe-TEL1) (N.N.)
8.    International Trade, Production and Change (WiRe-TEL2) (Trautwein)
9.    Labour, Commerce and Competition in the EU Legal order (WiRe-TEL 3) (N.N.)
10.    Resource & Energy Economics (SEM) (Welsch)
11.    Labour, Commerce and Competition in a Transnational and EU Perspective (Tim Torsten Schwithal)
12.    Transnational Relations and Law - International Economic and Commercial Law - Regulation by non-state actors (Tim Torsten Schwithal)

SEM: Master programme “Sustainability Economics and Management”
WiRe: Master programme “Business Administation, Economics and Law” (Wirtschafts- und Rechtswissen-schaften) with the specializations:
    TEL: Transnational Economics and Law
FUGO: Corporate Governance and Social Organization

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