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mathematics and theory

Mathematical and Theoretical Principles

Theories and Modelling

Research questions in the fields of mathematical principles, of mathematical modelling in life sciences, in theoretical chemistry and theoretical physics are essential for the development of the fundamental research in the faculty. The research topics of the scientists working in these fields are multifaceted; they can be described approximately and roughly by the key words: gravitational physics (J. Kunz), partial differential equations (D. Grieser, M. Langenbruch, H. Uecker), statistical physics and complex systems (B. Blasius, A. Engel, U. Feudel, E. Stanev), computer based chemistry resp. physics (A. Hartmann, Th. Klüner, Th. Müller), fluid-dynamics und turbulence (J. Peinke, J.-O. Wolff) as well as quantum-mechanical many body systems (M. Holthaus). In the near future we will announce a position for a professorship that links theoretical with experimental studies in the area of nano and energy research.

Insurance and financial mathematics

Stochastic models and financial risk management are the main research areas in this field. Within the framework of the core research area TELIS “Transnational Economics and Law in the Information Society” in the Department of Economics a close cooperation has been established since 2010 between A. May, D. Pfeifer, J. Prokop und M. Trautwein to work on the issue of risk management. A result of this cooperation was the EU-EFRE funded project for an executive master programme for risk management for financial service providers. This program has been accredited in 2013, the second cohort of students has entered the programme already. The faculty V aims at establishing a Centre for Statistics as a research and service unit in the context of the appointment of the professorship in statistics.


Mathematics is an essential part of many other sciences and of key technologies of modern society. Cryptography, number theory and computer algebra as growing branches of mathematics form a central component of information and communications security. In addition, they present extremely active fields of research with numerous exciting open questions and connections to other areas of mathematics, computer science, and physics.

Currently we are establishing the PhD Program OLCRYT in this field. OLCRYPT provides young scientists with an opportunity to pursue cutting edge research and to work in a dynamic and collaborative research atmosphere.

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