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The coordinated research project "The active auditory system" was established on 1 July 2005 as a cooperative project between Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg and Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology Magdeburg funded by Deutsche Forschungs-gemeinschaft. The project was finished in June 2017.


Prof. Dr. Georg Klump

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

FK VI, Dept. of Neuroscience,

Animal Physiology and Behavior Group

Deputy Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

FK VI, Dept. of Medical Physics and Acoustics

Deputy Coordinator

Prof. Dr. Henning Scheich

Leibniz Institute for Neurobiology

Dept. Auditory Learning & Speech

Chief Operating Officer

Dr. Ulrike Langemann

Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg

FK VI, Dept. of Neuroscience,

Animal Physiology and Behavior Group

Groups of the SFB/TRR 31:

  • Prof. Dr. Georg Klump ()

  • A3 Interaction of bottom-up and top-down processes in cortical processing of frequency-modulated signals

    PD Dr. Frank Ohl ()

  • A4 Predictive mechanisms in active stream segregation and related tasks

    Dr. André Brechmann ()

    PD Dr. Michael Brosch ()

    Prof. Dr. Henning Scheich (

  • A5 Physiology of Auditory Object Formation in the Bird Forebrain

    Prof. Dr. Georg Klump ()

  • A6 Processing and recognition of the temporal pattern of acoustic signals in the auditory system

    PD Dr. Peter Heil ()

  • A7 (finished in 2011) Temporospatial imaging of auditory selection and audio-visual integration during language comprehension

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Münte ()

  • A8 Neural correlates of audiovisual integration

    Dr. Tömme Noesselt ()
    Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze ()


    A9 Neural mechanisms of top-down modulation of auditory brain activity in humans

    Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann ()

    Dr. Tino Zaehle ( )


    A10 (finished in 2013) Auditory Memory and Sound Pattern Recognition in Songbirds

    Dr. Ulrike Langemann ()

  • A12 (finished in 2013) Dopaminergic modulation of learning-dependent plasticity in auditory cortex

    Prof. Dr. Christiane Thiel  ()

    Dr. André Brechmann ()

  • A13 (finished in 2013) Functional anatomy of interhemispheric and thalamic interactions of the auditory cortex

    Dr. Eike Budinger  ()

  • A14 Evolution of Sound Localisation in Vertebrates: Head Size, Sound Frequency and Neural Phase-Locking

    Prof. Dr. Chistine Köppl (

  • A15 Cross-modal attentional entrainment in human auditory cortex

    Prof. Dr. Stefan Debener ()

  • A16 Derivation of statistical modelling descriptions of neural audiovisual speech coding in the human brain

    Prof. Dr. Jochem Rieger ()

  • A17 The role of cholinergic modulation in learning and active sensing

    Dr. Christian Kluge ( )

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Jochen Heinze ()


  • B1 Modelling signal processing in auditory scene analysis for normal-hearing and hearing-impaired listeners

    Dr. Thomas Brand (<span%20id="><span%20id=">"></span%20id="></span%20id="> )

    Dr. Stephan Ewert ()

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier (


    B2 Models of sound source localization and source separation based on the statistics of monaural and binaural signal features

    Dr. Volker Hohmann ()


    B3 Psychoacoustical modelling of auditory object perception in humans

    Jun.Prof. Dr. Jesko Verhey ()

  • B4 Subjective dimensions of audiovisual object formation

    Prof. Dr. Hans Colonius ()

  • B5 Complex Auditory Features for Robust Automatic Speech Recognition and for Modelling Human Speech Perception

    Prof. Dr. Dr. Birger Kollmeier (

  • B6 Model Based Blind Source Separation for Auditory Scene Analysis

    Dr. Jörn Anemüller ()

    Dr. Stephan Ewert ()

  • B7 Binaural cocktail-party processing: the role of perceptual organisation and release from masking

    Prof. Dr. Steven van de Par  (
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