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Accommodation and living in Oldenburg

Accommodation and living in Oldenburg

For many new students, life at university begins with searching for accommodation.
There are many different ways of finding accommodation at the University of Oldenburg. 

Student accommodation

The Student Service Organisation (Studierendenwerk) offers places in student accommodation either close to the campus or around the city. Types of accommodation available include individual apartments, rooms in double apartments or shared accommodation.

Information, prices and applications:

Studierendenwerk Oldenburg

Other organisations: 

Kolping Jugendwohnen Oldenburg (in German)

Oscar-Romero-Haus (in German)

Only for international students
Private accommodation for international students 

Notice boards

It is worth checking notice boards at the University for accommodation offers. You can also post your own advertisement: "Suche Zimmer oder Wohnung...". 

There is also a notice board for accommodation on Stud.IP (only accessible via a university account)

"Wohnungen" at Stud.IP

Private accomodation

On Tuesdays and Saturdays, you can find accommodation vacancies advertised in the NWZ newspaper. 

Nordwest-Zeitung online

The events magazine Mox (published fortnightly) also lists accommodation vacancies in its classified section. 

Mox online

Another option is housing associations (Wohnungsbaugesellschaften) and service agencies. A few of them are mentioned here. 

GSG Oldenburg

Home Company Oldenburg

Please note

In addition to these local organisations, you can also find a number of websites which have accommodation offers across the country and are targeted towards students. 

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