International Office

Internationalisation at home

The University of Oldenburg offers various opportunities for international and German students to get to know each other. You are very much welcome as a participant or a volunteer.

Our Intercultural Meeting Place provides an informal setting for international students and German students to meet at regular events such as Game Nights or the International Dinner.
Intercultural Meeting Place

Do not miss our:
International Summer Fest

Our Buddy programme matches a local student with an international student.
Buddy programme

You would like to improve your German language skills with a native speaker? Join our sprachtandem project and help a native German speaker with your language, and your German partner practices German with you. Sprachtandem

The Language Café is an informal way to practice a foreign language.
Language Café

Students from all departments can become language tutors with DeutschPLUS and support international students in learning German at the Language Centre at Oldenburg University.


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