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Overview of event series

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Happy Career Planning - Set your course, explore opportunities

The series of events organised by the Study and Career Counselling Service deals with specific challenges coming up whilst organizing the own career path.

In seminars, lectures, workshops or even talks you can learn more about

  • application strategies,
  • ways searching, founding and preparing for an internship,
  • develop new skills, broaden and deepen your competencies,
  • business trends and tendencies,
  • and various professional fields and employment sector

Professional practice conveys knowledge – Learn from the professionals

The ZSKB and the Innovative Hochschule Jade-Oldenburg are offering their series “Learn from the professionals” in which relevant topics of various career options are highlighted.

Graduates of the University of Oldenburg will not only provide valuable, exclusive insights into their own career paths, but will also share interesting facts and information about their current occupations. This gives you the opportunity to meet professionals from a wide range of disciplines in person and receive insider tips on current developments in a relaxed and informal atmosphere.

Events organised by the Faculties

Within the departments, there are subject-specific series/practice-oriented programs around topics such as various occupations, career opportunities and skill enhancement. The events shown in the calendar are focusing on programs with practical relevance.

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