We are here to help you to make decisions about future study opportunities, continue your studies in a focused and purposeful way, or help you to get back on track.

Contact persons for long-term students

School I - School of Educational and Social Sciences

Kristina Tambke

+49 (0)441-798-4276

A4 1-103, Campus Haarentor

Homepage (in German)

School II - School of Computing Science, Business Administration, Economics, and Law

Britta Lehmann, M.A.

0441 - 798-4591

A5 2-207, Campus Haarentor

by appointment


School III - School of Linguistics and Cultural Studies
School IV - School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Wiebke Trunk


A10 0-003, Campus Haarentor

Sprechstunde nach Vereinbarung

School V - School of Mathematics and Science
School VI - School of Medicine and Health Sciences

Dr. Ingrid Ahrenholtz 

+49 (0)441-798-3603 

W3 1-137a, Campus Wechloy 

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Psychological Counselling Service

Wilfried Schumann 

+49 (0)441-798-2711 

A15 1-106, Campus Haarentor

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Learning Workshops of the ZSKB

Anke Görres

+49 (0)441-798-4869 

A12 3-316, Campus Haarentor


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