Institut für Evangelische Theologie und Religionspädagogik


Director of the Institute

Prof. Dr. Andrea Strübind

Vice Director

Prof. Dr. Jakob Wöhrle


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Waltraud Scholz

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Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Fakultät IV - Institut für Evangelische Theologie und Religionspädagogik
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

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Studies & Teaching

Studies and Teaching

We offer the following courses of study

You can study many subjects at different universities. For the subject Protestant Theology you should choose the University of Oldenburg. Here, you are offered almost every possible  combination possibilities of subjects in all school forms. Regionally connected, and at the same time both national and international linked our team (of five professors, two academic staff members and several tutors), provides the optimal preparation for your future profession. We have many years of experience in teacher training, but we also offer students other than a professional teacher spectrum with the appropriate qualifications. A hands-on support is embedded in science-oriented teaching and research. If you want to prepare for your studies at the parish, we refer you to universities with faculties of theology.
Even with the BA-programme you can learn the basics of Protestant theology and religious studies in a varied way and in practice: internships in schools, churches or cultural education not only provide first impressions about possible future careers, but also test the everyday relevance of the curriculum. On the basis and with a critical analysis Protestant theology the BA programme introduces the perspective of a religious vision of reality. In Oldenburg, right from the start particular attention is placed to the overall ecumenical Christian context, to the knowledge of evangelical tradition. These are brought into discourse with world religions and religious trends of popular culture in general as in sports, media and literature. The programme provides the necessary basic skills taught in a meaningful structure of modules. However, the specific course topics will change every semester. Thus, even current social discussions can be included. The second BA phase will enable in a special way scientific expertise with interesting content in response to appropriate, coupled with practical experience in school and community life.

As Master´s degree for professional qualification for teaching, we offer the M. Ed. for the different types of schools (M. Ed. Gym, BBS, G, HR, SoPäd). Here you are specifically prepared for your future job as a religion teacher according to your chosen teaching and research perspectives. In the two-year Master programme for high school education the BA degree programme will be further expanded and profiled.

The Master „Ecumenism and Religions“ provides dialog-oriented studies of Christian and non-Christian life and thought forms for students who want to be professionally active, either in church or in school. Protestant Theology in Oldenburg can be combined in different ways with Catholic theology at the University of Vechta, religious studies at the University of Bremen, Jewish studies at the University of Potsdam, with an ecumenical emphasis at the University of Oldenburg, or even a semester abroad. The graduates can acquire skills that enable them to carry out analysis of the influences of Christianity and religion in a plural society, past and present. They will be able to use these skills in humanities-based professions in social work education (journalism, adult education, cultural work), but increasingly also in the economy, where training in religious-ethical and intercultural issues are becoming more and more important. Inter-religious communication skills will continue to be required with an increasing importance of migrant and immigrant women's work. Relevant professional fields are developed in specific professional services. There is the possibility of a double degree Master of Education (M.Ed.) and specialist Master "Ecumenism and Religions" (MA).

A doctorate can be built from any of the offered master degree programmes. In particular consultation and cooperation with a faculty the Dr. theol. can be sought.


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