C.v.O. Universität Oldenburg
CMC Center for Migration, Education
and Cultural Studies
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
26129 Oldenburg



Welcome to the homepage of the Center for Migration, Education and Cultural Studies (CMC)

The migration of people, languages and ways of life across political, cultural and imaginary borders is a phenomenon that influences public discourses, political debates, everyday social environments as well as individual positions and self-conceptions in a significant manner.

The Center for Migration, Education and Cultural Studies is concerned with practices of social differentiation and the formation of subject positions in societies shaped by migration. Orders of difference and belonging in migratory contexts are studied as powerful practices of social differentiation which enable but also forces individuals to comprehend socio-cultural life and themselves within these structures on a symbolic, material, institutional and discursive level.  Orders of belonging and difference can be understood and have to be analyzed with regard to their (educative) power which governs and forms subjects, but also with respect to the ways in which subjects problematize, transform, and shift the entanglements between these epistemic orders and provide them with new meaning.

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