Thorsten Schulz

+49 (0)441 798-2842

Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Women and Gender

The Center for Interdisciplinary Research on Women and Gender (ZFG) at Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg was founded in September 2000. The activities and endeavours of the ZFG aim at the promotion and further development of Women's Studies, Gender Studies and Queer Theory (study programs as well as research) under an interdisciplinary perspective.

Objectives of the ZFG are

  • promoting and encouraging the cooperation between a variety of scientists and academics from different departments and disciplines; initiating and supporting research projects on women, gender and queer as well as publishing the results of that research
  • organizing and advancing gender modules in BA- and MA study programs as well as supporting initiatives which contribute to the consolidation of perspectives on women, gender and queer in academic study programs and disciplines
  • promoting the upcoming generation of scientists and academics whose focus is on women's and gender studies as well as queer theory
  • building networks on the national and international level to establish research cooperation and alliances between scientists and academics working in the field of women's, gender and queer studies

Study Programs in Women's and Gender Studies

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