Prof. Dr. Werner Damm

Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann (deputy)


Jürgen Niehaus


Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Research Center Human-Cyber-Physical-Systems
Ammerländer Heerstraße 114-118
26129 Oldenburg

Research Center Human-Cyber-Physical Systems

Safety, acceptance, social and cultural embeddedness

The Research Center is a cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty platform for researchers of Universität Oldenburg, Jade Hochschule and non-university research organisations to establish and implement a common research strategy for Human-Cyber-Physical Systems.



Founding of the Research Center HCPS

A press release (in German language only) about the founding for RC HCPS titled "Digitalisierung verantwortlich gestalten".  A short notice is also available here (also in German only).

Successful project incubation workshop

On July 9th, 2019 the research center's first project incubation workshop took place in Bad Zwischenahn. Around 40 members from all working groups of the center particpated, and presented their ideas for new, interdiciplinary research projects. Seven proposals were discussed in details and refined wrt. topic and participants. These will be further worked upon and submitted to appropriate funding programs.

Werner Damm und Christoph Herrmann are founding directors of RC HCPS

In its first meeting, the "Zentrumsrat" elected Prof. Dr. Werner Damm (FK 2, Dept. of Computing Science) and Prof. Dr. Christoph Herrmann (FK VI, Dept. of Psychology) as Directors of the Research Center. Jürgen Niehaus is now the General Manager of RC HCPS. In addition, new membership applications have been granted: RC HPCS now has 51 professors from Oldenburg University, Jade Hochschule, OFFIS, DLR and Fraunhofer IDMT as members resp. associates.

Founding meeting

Headed by Prof. Dr. Meinhard Simon, Vice President research and transfer, the founding meeting of RC HCPS took place on July 9th, 2019. This meeting constituted the final step in setting up this research center. Founding members of the center elected the "Zentrumsrat" as well as leaders and co-leaders of the Working Groups.

Senate adopts regulations of RC HCPS

The senate of University Oldenburg unanimously adopted the regulations of the Research Center HCPS in it's meeting on June 19, 2019. 

(Changed: 2021-03-11)