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Career Day 2013

Are you interested in learning about career opportunities in the field of neuroscience?!?

The PhD Program "Neurosensory Science and Systems" at the University of Oldenburg is currently organizing a Career Day for all students working or studying in the broader field of neuroscience. This event is intended to provide you with an overview of the job opportunities in this field as well as to provide you with information that will help you shape your future. International speakers with different scientific backgrounds, who made their careers in neuroscience, will present their career paths in short talks. Additionally, a job fair with different exhibitors will present a variety of companies and inform you about specific requirements for opportunities within companies of interest to you. This Career Day will provide sufficient opportunities for you to ask questions and initiate discussions with all invited guests.






Room A14 Hörsaal 3

















Welcome address












Prof. Dr. Georg Klump & Dr. Kathrin Henrichs










"The active auditory system"










University of Oldenburg




















Keynote Lecture












Dr. Simone Cardoso de Oliveira










Exzellencluster BrainLinks-BrainTools










University of Freiburg




















Room A14 0-030



Room A14 0-031


















Scientific Management talks



Academic talks








Dr. Heike Lehmann



Dr. Jan Rennies







Zentrum für Regenerationsbiologie



Fraunhofer Institut für







und Regenerative Medizin,



Digitale Medientechnologie,







Universitätsklinik Tübingen



Projektgruppe Hör-, Sprach-










und Audiotechnologie, Oldenburg



















Dr. Dorothe Poggl



Dr. Karl Farrow








Wissenschaftliche Referentin



Principal Investigator








für Neuro- und Kognitionswissenschaften,



Neuro-Electronics Research Flanders,








HWK Delmenhorst



MPI and University Leuven


and offer









round table






Lunch break























Industry talks



Clinical talks









Dr. Stefan Strahl



Dr. Kirsten Wissel









Research & Development Engineer



Cochlear Implants,












MH Hannover



















Dr. Frida E. Polli



Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler







Founder and CEO of Pymetrics,



Brain Computer Interfaces,










University of Würzburg













!!!!! U P D A T E !!!!!!

Unfortunately, Prof. Dr. Andrea Kübler can not be present here in Oldenburg on Friday. We try to establish a video conference so you will not miss her interesting talk about career opportunities in the field of brain-computer interfaces.
BUT, please notice, we also changed the time slots of the clinical talks. Kirsten Wissel will now start at 2pm and Andrea Kübler will then start at 3pm.


We apologize for any inconveniences!!

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