Facts and Data

  • Duration: 6 semesters
  • Degree Award: Bachelor of Arts
  • Language: German
  • admission limited

General Education - Dual-Subject Bachelor's Programme

Within the scope of the Dual-subject Bachelor, you can take General Education

  • as a primary or secondary dual subject (60 ECTS) or
  • as a Minor (30 ECTS) combined with a Major

General Education can be studied either in connection with a non-teaching career goal or as a professional teaching qualification. If you want to become a teacher, you must follow the combinations of subjects for each teaching position.

Orientation and Goals

Students who intend to become teachers at the primary level may undertake the bachelor's programme in General Education/General Studies followed by a Master of Education in general studies.
The most important aspect of General Education is that it qualifies students for the targeted teaching of learning material from the broad spectrum of general studies, particularly to younger people and people with special needs. This programme focuses primarily on the selection of content, methodical presentation, consideration of didactical meaningfulness, diagnostic skills relating to early education, and teaching and learning based on learning theory. It covers not only basic teaching skills, but also examples taken from the content of the various subject areas, as well as interdisciplinary problems.

Foreign Language Skills

In order to study this course at the University of Oldenburg as a student from outside of Germany, you need an adequate knowledge of German.

German Language Proficiency
You can proof your German language proficiency with the following language certificates:
  • DSH: Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (Level 2)
  • TestDaF: Test – Deutsch als Fremdsprache (with level 4 in all four areas)

The proof of language proficiency must be presented for the enrolment. For other proof possiblities see: Language requirements

Careers and Areas of Employment

This bachelor's programme in General Education opens the door to the following career fields:

  • Pre-school diagnostics in school authorities, youth welfare offices, Kindergartens and other institutions
  • Diagnostics and advancement in private and public institutions
  • Conveying general knowledge to visitors at exhibitions and didactical institutions (museum education, science exhibitions)
  • Proving children with targeted information from organisations focused on health, environment, technology, and other risks.
The Master of Education leads to a career teaching general studies in the Grundschule (primary school), Sonderschule (special needs school), and Förderschule (special needs school), as well as the integrative Grundschule.

Target Group/Admission Requirements

International applicants who received their prior education abroad should apply online through uni-assist. For further details see: Application for international students

Application/Admission Procedures

This course of studies accepts a limited number of applicants, and application is only possible in the winter semester.
The application deadline for the winter semester is 15 July.
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