Head of Division

Meik Möllers

Deputy Head of Division

Ann-Christin Delfs

Branch Office

Diana Kock

Ilka Zietlow


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Dezernat 4
Carl von Ossietzky Universität Oldenburg
Gebäude (V03)
Ammerländer Heerstraße 138
26129 Oldenburg

Division 4 - Facility Management

Division 4 - Facility Management

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Division 4 - Facility Management

The team of the department 4 renders technical, infrastructural & business services for a free from problems building company.

In conversion of the law of the development of the advanced technical colleges in Lower Saxony from the 18th of June, 2009 have agreed on the university of Oldenburg and the jade college of Wilhelmshaven Oldenburg Elsfleth in autumn, 2011 to perceive the building management for both colleges in future together.

The common building management becomes active with it by order of both colleges and will move the decisions by order of the presidiums for the respective immovables. For this purpose both colleges form a common team of the employees and female employees who are active in the building management for the locations of both colleges.


(Changed: 2021-06-22)