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Publication Series "Differenzverhältnisse"

Differenzverhältnisse – Publication Series of the Center for Migration, Education and Cultural Studies (CMC) at the Carl von Ossietzky University Oldenburg


The indi­vidual issues of the publi­cation series 'Differenz­verhältnisse' can be accessed via the university publishing house:

To the series

Historical and social processes lead to the production of differences and distinctions that can become powerful and meaningful in different ways. This also involves social categorisations and social constructions of large groups (such as ideas and forms of practice on social class/class, ethnicity/nation/culture, gender/sexuality, disability/impairment or generation/age), and usually the divisions along such differences are associated with disadvantages and restrictions for the people affected by them or - on the 'other side', as it were - with privileges.

The contributions to the series refer to such relations of difference and critically address them from different perspectives: texts from the educational sciences (e.g. Social Pedagogy, Migration Pedagogy), linguistics, literature and cultural studies (e.g. English/American studies, German studies/German as a second language, material culture) or sports studies, whereby interdisciplinary connections and transdisciplinary transgressions occur in many cases and prove to be of further value.

The series is edited by Angela Janssen and Rudolf Leiprecht (Diversity-conscious Social Pedagogy), Martin Butler (American Studies), Karen Ellwanger (Material Culture) and Ulrike Koopmann (Migration and Education).

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