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Status IT-Services

Status of central IT services

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Status of decentralized IT services


The "Current mailbox" search function in Microsoft Outlook is faulty. The reason is a known error from the manufacturer, from the patch in March 2024. We have to wait for a new patch from the manufacturer.

In the meantime, a workaround has been prepared by IT Services, which will be distributed automatically to computers who are a member in the Windows-Domain (Where you log-on into Windows with your university account).


Recurring malfunction of the storage systems affecting all Windows computers in the domain and access to the network drives in general.

Windows hangs, PowerPoint cannot access the files and hangs.

The IT services are working on it.


The latest security update for the Exchange Server has introduced errors.

The search function in the clients seems to be disrupted and there may be problems with shared calendars.

There is hope that there will be a new patch on 09.04.2024 that will disable these unwanted "features" again

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