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Future Energies

Future Energies

The internationally renowned Oldenburg-based energy research has continued for over 30 years of history, now with a core group of nearly 30 professors with their respective working groups. An important platform of interdisciplinary cooperation is the “ENERiO” (Energy Research in Oldenburg) association, which also serves as the Oldenburg node of the “EFZN” (Energy Research Centre of Lower Saxony).  Three main clusters of research have been established in ENERiO, namely:

Cluster Materials

  • Photovoltaics: Nano-optics and light-to-current conversion
  • Conversion technologies: Chemical bond activation
  • Storage and fuel cells: Electrochemistry and interfaces

Cluster Systems

  • Energy conversion systems: Wind, solar, storage, and power-to-heat systems
  • Energy Meteorology
  • Grids: Intelligent components, architectures, and system management
  • Scenarios: Modelling of structural properties, energy system simulation and analysis

Cluster Organisations

  • Climate and Environment: Environmental impacts of energy systems, acceptance and climate policy implications
  • Business models: New market opportunities and energy associations
  • Energy policy and markets: Market integration and promotion mechanisms of renewable energy, grid regulation and energy security

The Oldenburg-based energy research is successfully positioned regarding competence, reputation, visibility, third-party funding, intra-university networking, and inter-regional cooperation. This is evidenced by high-level, internationally visible publications and coordinated research programs, complemented with large industry-oriented projects.  The activities are enriched by a close cooperation with other Lower Saxony universities (e. g. in the joint Centre for Wind Energy Research ForWind) and with non-university research organisations, such as the Institute of Networked Energy Systems and OFFIS as well as project groups from the Fraunhofer IWES and Fraunhofer IFAM.

Future plans include the intensification of the existing co-operation between involved groups in order to further improve the ability to raise high-level research programme funding.

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