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Professionalisation Processes in Teacher Education

Professionalisation Processes in Teacher Education

In this research area we address the professional development of prospective teachers during their university studies. We refer to the claim of the German Standing Conference of the Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (2004/2008) for specific competencies that should be promoted in teacher education.

In our research, we focus on different aspects of pedagogical knowledge, content knowledge and pedagogical content knowledge in the fields of teaching, assessment, and reflection of educational processes. At this, we follow three directions of research, which are closely intertwined:

  • investigation of professionalisation states and processes,
  • modelling of professionalisation processes and competence structures and
  • research on the effects of different interventions in teacher education.

Research activities are based on insights and experience from various projects and programmes in the field of teacher education at Oldenburg University (e.g. doctoral programmes), and they are characterized by cooperation across faculties and universities, including international collaboration (e.g. with Japan).

Current research clusters that involve eight additional universities (e.g. Humboldt University Berlin, Leibniz Institute for Science and Mathematics Education at Kiel University) and that are funded by the German Telekom foundation focus on the assessment and support of heterogeneous groups and on student laboratories in teacher education. These and other research activities in teacher education are coordinated by the didactic centre (teacher education centre) of Oldenburg University.

Recent activities are geared towards attracting funding by, e.g., the German Research Foundation and the EU, promoting international research activities, and investigating and enhancing professionalisation processes within the teacher education programme Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung.

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