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Intercultural support for international students in their (specialised) studies

International students have very different backgrounds when they begin their studies in Germany. The transition to day-to-day academic life in Germany provides this group with opportunities, but also poses big challenges.

The associated acculturation process plays an important role in students’ well-being, thus making a significant contribution to their academic success.

This programme allows students in advanced specialised studies at the University of Oldenburg to have a positive impact on this process by training to become an intercultural facilitator for international students. Credit points can be obtained for this, as part of the area of specialisation.

International students find themselves in a sensitive stage of acculturation in the first two semesters. During this time, it is important that they receive support tailored to their needs to ensure a good start to their studies.

This programme offers both of these groups the opportunity to benefit from each other through cultural and personal exchanges.

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