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Prof. Dr. Maja Brückmann

Dr. Maja Brückmann is Professor of Primary Science Education and Socal Studies at the University of Oldenburg.

Her main areas of research include hands-on activities, digitalization as well as lesson planning, with a special focus on Primary Science Education. In this field, she is particularly concerned with the professional development, both in teacher education at university level as well as in-service teachers with great teaching experience.
Her research also focuses on special topics like energy or sustainability, and beliefs and interests in scientific performance assessments and knowledge aquisition of young children (age 6-10).

Research Interest

  • Research of student´s CK, PCK and performances (with a focus on science education)
  • Models and Model thinking in primary science school
  • Teaching aids and textbook analysis
  • Lesson planning processes
  • Education for Sustainable Development / Energy Education
  • Digitalization and computer education in STEM education
  • Professional development
  • Video-based teaching research

List of Selected References (engl.)


Detken, F. & Brückmann, M. (2021). Accessing Young Children’s Ideas about Energy. Education Sciences, 11(2), 39. doi: 10.3390/educsci11020039

Hild, P., Gut, C. & Brückmann, M. (2019). Validating performance assessments: measures that may help to evaluate students’ expertise in ‘doing science’. Research in Science & Technological Education, 37(4), 419-445. doi:10.1080/02635143.2018.1552851

Stender, A., Brückmann, M. & Neumann, K. (2017). Transformation of topic-specific professional knowledge into personal pedagogical content knowledge through lesson planning. International Journal of Science Education, 39(12), 1690–1714. doi: 10.1080/09500693.2017.1351645

Podschuweit, S., Bernholt, S. & Brückmann, M. (2016). Classroom learning and achievement: how the complexity of classroom interaction impacts students’ learning. Research in Science & Technological Education, 34(2), 142–163. doi: 10.1080/02635143.2015.1092955

Conference Paper

Diethelm, I., Schneider, N., Matzner, M., Brückmann, M. & Zeising, A. (2020).Investigation of the informatics-based self-concept of primary school children (WiPSCE ’20). Proceedings of the 15th Workshop on Primary and Secondary Computing Education.(S. 1–6). New York, NY, USA: Association for Computing

Book Chapter

Stender, A. & Brückmann, M. (2020). Processes of Knowledge Integration between Realms of Pedagogical Content Knowledge and How to Capture Them. International Perspectives on Knowledge Integration, 111–132. Brill Sense. doi: 10.1163/9789004429499_006

Brückmann, M. & Knierim, B. (2008). Teaching and learning processes in physics instruction–chances of videotape classroom studies. In S. Mikelskis-Seifert, U. Ringelband & M. Brückmann (Hrsg.), Four decades of research in science education–from curriculum development to quality improvement (S. 191-219). Münster: Waxmann.

Brückmann, M., Duit, R., Tesch, M., Fischer, H., Kauertz, A., Reyer, T. et. al. (2007). The potential of video studies in research on teaching and learning science. In R. Pinto & D. Couso (Hrsg.), Contributions from science education research (S. 77-89). Dordrecht: Springer.

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