Prof Dr. Sebastian Schnettler

Tanja Sluiter (secretary)


Latest Publication

Filser A, Willführ KP (2022) Sex ratios and union formation in the historical population of the St. Lawrence Valley. PLOS ONE 17(6): e0268039.


Current teaching

Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schnettler


Winter term 2023 / 2024

Dr. Andreas Timm

Svenja Heinecke (M.A.)


BA or MA thesis at the Group for Social Research Methods

We are happy to supervise your thesis on one of the following research topics: demography; sociology of the family; sociology of the life course; evolutionary science of human behaviour; network research; social research methods. If you are interested in writing a thesis with one of our supervisiors, write us an e-mail, come to Prof Schnettler's colloquium or feel free to contact us directly!


We offer 16 network licences for Stata 14 (14x Win, 2x iOS) to students and members of the Institute of Social Sciences:

Please note that accessing the Stata network drive requires a VPN connection to the network of the University of Oldenburg. Instructions for connecting to the university network via VPN can be found here.

Find an introduction to Stata here.

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