Prof Dr. Sebastian Schnettler

Tanja Sluiter (secretary)


Latest publication

Willführ, K. P., Eriksson, B., & Dribe, M. (2021). The impact of kin proximity on net marital fertility and maternal survival in Sweden 1900–1910—Evidence for cooperative breeding in a societal context of nuclear families, or just contextual correlations? American Journal of Human Biology, e23609.

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From left to right: Prof. Dr. Sebastian Schnettler, Andreas Filser, Alena Klenke, Dr. Andreas Timm, Josep Sottile-Perez, Dr. Kai Willführ, Leena Maaß, Svenja Heinecke, Tanja Sluiter


Our research interests primarily lie in network sociology, demography, family research and behavioral ecology. A special focus of our work is the integration of sociological and evolutionary approaches to human behavior. For instance, current projects include research on kinship networks as well as social consequences of skewed sex ratios.

As part of the study programmes in social science at the University of Oldenburg, we offer basic and advanced courses on statistics, social research methods and the R software package for statistical computing. Moreover, we teach courses on our reseach interests. This includes MA-level courses on network research and BA-level courses on life course research. Find our current teaching here.

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