Speaker of the RTG

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau
Phone: +49-(0)441-798-3485
Room: W2 3-318


M. A. Susanne Bartel
Phone: +49-(0)441-798-3849
Room: W3 0-039


Principal Investigators

Principal investigator


Research area

Prof. Dr. Katherina Al-Shamery

Nanophotonik und Surface chemistry

Prof. Dr. Rüdiger Beckhaus

Inorganic chemistry

Prof. Dr. Jens Christoffers

Organic Synthesis

Dr. Petra Groß

Ultrashort- and nonlinear Microscopy

Prof. Dr. Martin Holthaus
Dr. Svend-Age Biehs

Condensed matter Theory

Prof. Dr. Thorsten Klüner

Theoretical Chemistry

Prof. Dr. Karl-Wilhelm Koch

Biochemistry of neurosensory processes

Prof. Dr. Christoph Lienau

Optical properties of functional nanostructures, ultrafast and nano-optics

Prof. Dr. Henrik Mouritsen

Animal navigation mechanisms from molecules and cognition to behavior, magnetic sense

Prof. Dr. Thomas Müller

Inorganic chemistry

Prof. Dr. Walter Neu

Laser spectroscopy

Prof. Dr. Niklas Nilius

Scanning probe microscopy

PD Dr. Ralf Vogelgesang


Prof. Dr. Mathias Wickleder

Inorganic functional materials using oxoanions

Prof. Dr. Gunther Wittstock

Electrochemistry and interfaces of condensed systems

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