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22.07.2021, 14:00: Talk
Virtual seminar room
Nick Feldman (ICFO), "Top-down platform for strong antenna-emitter interactions"


Our group seminar takes place weekly, on Thursdays at 14:00. Currently, all talks take place as online presentations. If you are interested in joining us for a talk, please send an email to

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Ultrafast Nano-Optics

Welcome to the home page of the research group "Ultrafast Nano-Optics" at the Carl von Ossietzky University in Oldenburg

Article published in Nature Nanotechnology

Our paper "Intermolecular conical intersections in molecular aggregates" has just been published in Nature Nanotechnology! Find out more here.


PhD these of Dr. Jan Vogelsang honored with award by the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes

Congratulations to Jan Vogelsang for being awarded the Friedrich-Hirzebruch price of the Studienstiftung des Deutschen Volkes for his PhD thesis! Jan defended his PhD thesis in October 2017. He developed a novel ultrafast point-projection electron microscope in our research group. Here you can find the press release of the university, and here you can watch a 3-minute long video, where Jan presents himself and his work.

“Applied Photonics Award” for Germann Hergert

Germann Hergert has received the “Applied Photonics Award“ of the Fraunhofer-Institut für Angewandte Optik und Feinmechanik IOF. The price is awarded for outstanding theses that are prepared on a topic of applied optics. Germann has received the price for his Master thesis „Ultrakurzzeit-Punktprojektions-Elektronenmikroskopie“, which he finalized in our research group in June 2018. Here you can find the university's press release.

PhD position

The „Ultrafast Nano-Optics“ group ( at the Faculty V - Mathematics and Natural Sciences - of the University of Oldenburg invites applications for one

Ph.D. position (E13 TV-L, 50%)
Ultrafast electron microscopy

The position is offered for an initial period of 3 years and shall be filled as soon as possible.
Click here for further information.

Nanophotonics Winter School

Impressions from the first "Iraqi-German Winter School on Nanophotonics" that took place on Dezember 8th and 9th in Delmenhorst.


Im Rahmen dieser Masterarbeit soll die Simulationssoftware "FDTD Solution" von Lumerical eingesetzt werden, um die Wechselwirkung von Licht mit plasmonischen Strukturen zu verstehen und um neuartige, effiziente plasmonische Baulemente zu entwickeln.

Die Stellenausschreibung zu dieser Stelle findest Du hier.

Best Paper Award

At the international conference „SPIE Photonics West“ a member of our group, Dr. Martin Silies was awarded the "Best Paper Award" within the sub-conference „Advanced Fabrication Technologies for Micro/Nano Optics and Photonics IX“.

The price was donated by Nanoscribe GmbH, a german company specialized on printing three-dimensional structures on the micrometer and sub-micrometer scale.

Within his work, Martin Silies used new lithography technqiues, a combination of Helium and Gallium ion beam milling to fabricate metallic nanostructures with sub-10 nanometer feature size.

He and his colleague want to implement these structures to built an ultrafast plasmonic transistor funded the German Ministry of Science and Education. These transistors are capable of significantly increasing the switching speed compared to conventional electronic transistors.

Junior Research Group

At April, 1st 2015, the Junior Research Group from Martin Silies will start its activity within the Ultrafast Nano-Optics group. The research project will be funded by the Germany Ministry of Science and Technology within the program "NanoMatFutur". Whithin the next four years, Martin Silies and his group members will be working on the interaction of femtosecond light pulses with nanometer-sized, precisely-fabriacted plasmonic nanostructures. Their goal will be the development of an all-optical transistor capable of ultrafast, sub-picosecond switiching.

Press release of the university

Webpage of the Junior Research group



Beilstein TV shoots Video of our work

Very recently, a crew from Beilstein TV was shooting videos about the work in our laboratories. Beilstein TV was founded by the Beilstein Institute and presents short videos about the scientific work of researchers in Germany from all field of research. Here you can find links to the videos that were shot in the last weeks about our research on the interaction of ultrashort light pulses with matter.

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