Prof. Dr. Jannika Mattes
Professorship for Organisation & Innovation
CvO-Universität Oldenburg
Institute of Social Sciences
D - 26111 Oldenburg


A6 4-402


Zemke, Kerstin

Heyen, Isolde

A6 4-401


Institut für Sozialwissenschaften
Fakultät I
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118 
Universität Oldenburg 
D-26111 Oldenburg


Research Interests:

Our team focuses on innovation research: Among others, our research aims at energy transition as a social process and at collaborative innovations in and between organisations, especially in the wind energy sector. We concentrate on the collaboration of heterogeneous agents in organisations and regions in consideration of global relationships. We are experts in transition research, innovation research, organisational sociology and economic geography.

  • Innovation research
  • Regional energy transition as a social process
  • Transition research with focus on actors and institutions
  • Cooperation in collaborative innovation projects
  • Closeness and confidence in cooperation projects 
  • Multinational companies and their regional embeddednes

(Changed: 2021-04-30)