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8.-9.7.2021 Lecture at the virtuel Meeting of the German Sustainability Science Summit 2021

Jannika Mattes: 'A geography of innovation perspective on regions in sustainability transitions‘. Contribution to the Panel “Spatiality in sustainability science: Contrasting perspectives to accelerate transformation” at the virtual German Sustainability Science Summit 2021, 8.-9.7.2021.

10 June 2021 Lecture at the virtual Annual Meeting 2021 of the section Organisationssoziologie (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie): „Große Herausforderungen“ und Organisationen: Themenfelder, Theorien und Methoden im Umbruch

Jannika Mattes and Sabrina Paustian give the lecture "Standardisierung durch Digitalisierung im Energiesektor – Der Umgang mit Standardisierung in kollaborativen Innovationsprozessen"

12 May 2021: Lecture as part of the series on the transformation of the energy system at Leibniz University Hannover

Prof. Jens Köhrsen and Prof. Jannika Mattes give the lecture "Local energy transition processes - a sociological perspective".

Invitation to "Conversations on the Social Embeddedness of Digital Technologies"

The conversations are part of the research training group “Social embeddedness of Autonomous Cyber Physical Systems (SEAS)” and the research center “Human Cyber-Physical System (HCPS)” with the cluster “Human – Technology – Society”. The target group of the conversations are members of SEAS and HCPS. Moreover, the conversations will be also attractive for undergraduate and graduate students and researchers from disciples such as Social Science, Computer Science, Health and Neuroscience.

Press Release 389/18 University of Oldenburg:
Lower Saxony Research Prize for Sociologist Jannika Mattes (21 November 2018)

Prof. Dr. Jannika Mattes, Junior Professor at the Institute for Social Sciences, University of Oldenburg, was awarded the 2018 research prize by the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science and Culture. The prize was designed for personalities that make significant contributions through their outstanding scientific work as well as in the field of university development. The jury appreciated Jannika Mattes' research on entrepreneurial innovation strategies and societal change with regard to energy transition.

Presentation at the Congress of the German Sociologists’ Association in Göttingen (September 2018)

Jannika Mattes, Camilla Chlebna, Meike Löhr, Sebastian Rohe attended the 39th Congress of the German Society for Sociology (DGS) in Göttingen (24.-28.09.2018) with a lecture on 'Regional Transition Fields: Energy Change as a Social Process'. The presentation took place in the joint event of the sections Organizational Sociology and Science and Technology Research, which was entitled "Innovation Fields. Fields of Action for the Coordination of Complex Innovations". In the discussion of the various contributions, it became clear how difficult it is to empirically break down and apply the concept of Strategic Action Fields. At the same time, the various field-theoretical approaches worked as a good link between the very different research areas.

Energy transition: actors in flow
(6 September 2018)

At the Science Soirée, the audience is appointed in a lottery. Jannika Mattes presented empirical results from the Oldenburg case study of the REENEA project in front of about 30 people. In the discussion that followed, it particularly became clear how important also interested citizens regard social science research in relation to energy transitions.

'Internationalisierung der Arbeit - Innovationsprozesse in multinationalen Konzernen' (15 May 2018)

In the course of the event 'Zukunft der Arbeit' organised by the cooperation centre 'University - Trade Unions' Jannika Mattes elaborates on innovation processes in multinational groups. The event takes place on the occasion of the research year 2018 'Arbeitswelten der Zukunft'.

Energy Systems in Transition – The Role of Actors in Regional Change Processes (3 and 4 May 2018)

On 3rd and 4th May an introductory kick-off workshop organised by the project team of the DFG funded REENEA project led by Prof Jannika Mattes took place at University of Oldenburg. Ten internationally renowned transition scholars followed the invitation to the event titled “Energy Systems in Transition – The Role of Agents in Regional Transition Processes” and gave inspiring talks. Discussions amongst participants immediately after the talks were lively and continued informally over coffee and cake. The REENEA team gained important insights on the relations between agents and institutions and on the relevance of the regional level in wider reaching transition processes. The team wishes to thank the Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence “Europeanising Coastal Regions” for the financial support of the workshop.

'Regionaler Energiewandel unter der Lupe - Die Rolle der Akteure' (28 April 2018)

Jannika Mattes lectures on regional energy transition in the "Uni am Markt", organised by the Center for Lifelong Learning (C3L).

Uni-Info 1/2018 - Den Wandel verstehen

Article from the university magazine 'uni-info' on the research project 'Regional Energy Transition'.

Newspaper article of 28 December 2017 (Nordwest-Zeitung)

Regional energy transition as a social process

Thanks to the renowned Emmy Noether-programme, sociologist Prof. Dr. Jannika Mattes may establish her own junior research group.

Focus online article of 27 December 2017:

Sociologist Jannika Mattes joins Emmy Noether-programme of the German Research Foundation (DFG).

19 October 2017 

Prof. Dr. Jannika Mattes was awarded the “prize for excellent research 2017” by the Universitätsgesellschaft Oldenburg e. V. (UGO) as part of the opening session of the academic year 2017/18. The prize was endowed with 5,000 € and honors her contributions to international innovation research in a combined organizational and regional perspective.

September 2016:

Jannika Mattes was granted a junior research group on Regional Energy Transition: The social processes of negotiating, norming and learning in the wind energy sector. Kickoff will be in January 2018. The project will be funded with 1.3 million Euros by the DFG (German Research Foundation).

26 April 2016:

Jannika Mattes and Martin Heidenreich: Die soziale Konstruktion einer Branche in kollaborativen Innovationsprozessen. Presentation in the research colloquium „Aktuelle Themen zur Windenergieforschung“ of the wind energy research centre ForWind, Oldenburg.

25 and 26 February 2016:

Martin Heidenreich and Jannika Mattes: Die soziale Konstruktion der Windenergiebranche in verteilten Innovationsprozessen. Presentation at the conference „Kollaborative Innovationen“ (Final conference of the project Collaborative Innovations), Göttingen.

28 - 30 January 2016:

Teis Hansen and Jannika Mattes: Beyond reciprocal proximity effects: the role of power. Presentation at the 3rd Geography of Innovation Conference, Toulouse, France.

10 December 2015:

Mattes, Jannika: Energietransition unter der Lupe. Presentation as part of the series "Innovation und sozialer Wandel", Organisations- und Innovationssoziologie, University of Stuttgart.

26 - 27 November 2015:

Die doppelte Koordinierung verteilter Innovationen in und zwischen Organisationen. Eine Mikrofundierung governancetheoretischer Perspektiven. Presentation as part of the autumn conference, DGS-group Organisationssoziologie, Berlin.

30. September 2015:

Presentationas part of the research colloquium STəPS "Breaking down energy transition: The interplay of actors and subsystem in regional restructuration processes" at the University Twente.

12 June 2015:

Presentation 'Regionale Lernsysteme und die Transformation regionaler Energiesysteme', spring conference DGS Deutsche Gesellschaft für Soziologie, section „Wissenschafts- und Technikforschung“, TU Dortmund, Germany, from 12 to 13 June 2015

25 May 2015:

Presentation with Teis Hansen Beyond reciprocal proximity effects: the role of power at the RSA Annual Conference 2015, Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore, Piacenza, Italien

January 2015:

Call for Applications Scholarships for the PhD program “Cultures of Participation” 

22 January 2015:

Presentation at the TU Dortmund bei den Aktuellen Debatten der Techniksoziologie"Transformation regionaler Innovationssysteme"

May 2014: Doctoral programme "Cultures of Participation" has been approved

The doctoral programme "Cultures of Participation", headed by Prof. Dr. Martin Butler, has now been approved by the MWK. Jannika Mattes is among the group of professors who applied for this programme and will be involved in colloquia and thesis supervision. 

December 2012: Research project COLLIN has now been approved

Starting in april 2013, COLLIN "Collaborative Innovations in inter-firm development processes" will investigate socially distributed innovation processes in the industries of renewable energy and information technology. Funded by the Volkswagen Foundation, the research project will be coordinated by the Jean Monnet Centre for Europeanisation and Transnational Regulations Oldenburg (CETRO) and the Soziologisches Forschungsinstitut Göttingen (SOFI).
Our website contain further information regarding the project.

November 2012: Affiliation to CIRCLE to be continued

Back in Oldenburg, Jannika Mattes will continue to work together with her colleagues in Lund, Sweden. This collaboration is to be formalised with an official affiliation from January onwards. Based on this, I am looking forward to many new research ideas and exciting conjoint work.

March 2012: Seminar in CIRCLE (Lund, Sweden) coming up!

Having arrived at CIRCLE, Jannika Mattes is giving a seminar on March 22nd. It is entitled "Organizing innovation in multinational companies: Selective, sequential and temporary strategies". You find the announcement, an abstract and more information on the venue here.

March 2012: Leaving for a research period in Sweden

Jannika Mattes is starting a research period of several months at the University of Lund, Sweden. She is going to be affiliated with the well-known institute CIRCLE, Centre for Innovation, Research and Competence in the Learning Economy. One important focus of the research in Lund will be to advance regarding the relationship between global value chains and regional institutional frameworks in developing countries.

November 2011: Research project on Regional Energy Systems is now starting

The research project with the acronym COMPOSITE has now started. In a collaboration with LATTS, Paris and EIFER, Karlsruhe, we will research how regions restructure in order to meet renewable energy aims. Financed by a French public agency, we will conduct theoretical and empirical work to find out how regional processes of readjustment occur. In a comparative perspective, we look at French and German, rural and urban regions. Jannika Mattes and the group in Oldenburg are responsible for the investigation of East Frisia (Ostfriesland). For more information, cf. Research.

August 2011: Scientific Retreat

In a scientific retreat, fellow researchers and Jannika Mattes had an in-depth discussion about a preliminary version of a project proposal Jannika is working on. The idea is to connect global value chains and regional institutional frameworks in order to show how regions learn in developing countries. Thank you very much to all participants for the fruitful, insightful and animated discussion!

May 2011: Post-Doc Fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschafts-Kolleg

Jannika Mattes is now post-doc fellow at the Hanse-Wissenschafts-Kolleg Delmenhorst. Together with three other awardees from the region, she will be an external fellow for the next three years.

March 2011: Jannika Mattes receives thesis award

Jannika Mattes has been awarded the Weser-Ems-Wissenschaftspreis by the Oldenburgische Landesbank. The award honours her PhD thesis "Innovation in multinational companies. Organisational, international and regional dilemmas" as a particularly praiseworthy piece of work.

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