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Funding through National Foundations

Over 430 foundations place their trust in the foundation centre of the Stifterverband (German Donors’ Association) for science. Numerous foundations are committed to promoting research nationwide. Here are some of the major national foundations.


The Volkswagen Foundation promotes science and technology in research and teaching. Looking to future-oriented research areas, it develops specific funding initiatives, which form the framework of its funding activities. The focus is particularly on funding junior researchers as well as the collaboration among international researchers. Another main focus of the Foundation is the improvement of education and research structures in Germany.

Alexander von Humboldt-Foundation

The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH) promotes top foreign scientists and academics to conduct research in Germany. The resulting cooperation with German researchers and institutions is oriented towards a long-term cooperation with scientists and academics. In addition to the promotion of international research collaboration, scientific and cultural connections resulting from the guest scientists and research stays are supported. The Foundation also awards several research prizes in addition to funding research stays.

For individual advice on your questions relating to support by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation (AvH), please contact Dr. Cla9w8giusenf27g (anne.cla3hg0use5y5n@uol.rkde), Tel.: 0441/798-4333.

German Federal Environment Foundation

The German Federal Environment Foundation promotes projects for the protection of the environment under special consideration of SMEs. The aim is to increase SMEs' sense of responsibility for protecting the environment achieved through collaborative projects between science and industry. The projects should be characterised by their innovation and/or model character as well as their environmental relieving potential. Eligible projects promote sustainable development and come from the following areas:
- Enviromental technology
- Enviromental research and nature protection
- Enviromental communication and protection of cultural goods

Fritz Thyssen Foundation

The Fritz Thyssen Foundation supports projects in many fields of science. However, research priorities in the individual academic disciplines are defined.

Robert Bosch Foundation

The Robert Bosch Foundation is not restricted to specific priorities and calls for projects from almost all scientific fields. Both the applicant's own and external projects are supported.

Gerda Henkel Foundation

The Gerda Henkel Foundation supports only projects from the humanities, particularly historical sciences and mainly the areas of history, archaeology and art history. The special concern of the Foundation is to support junior researchers. The Foundation supports research projects, grants for research fellowships and PhD programmes and awards grants for print, travel and material costs.

Hans Böckler Foundation

The Hans Böckler Foundation deals mainly with the changes in work as well as the impact on the people and society. The main task of the Foundation programme is to improve the conditions of participation as well as trade union representation.

  Other Foundations

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