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The Institute of Music at the Carl von Ossietzky University of Oldenburg, with around 500 students, is among the largest educational facilities for music teachers in Germany. Throughout the entire degree programme, students receive individual instruction, play in ensembles (university choir, pop and jazz choir, big band, university orchestra, drum ensemble, etc.) and develop multimedia productions. All this is supplemented by a distinctive research department, working in fields such as the cultural history of music, musicological gender research, music psychology, music teaching, and music and media. In addition to the historical forms of art music, the Institute of Music places great value on popular music, jazz, transcultural issues and contemporary music styles.

You can qualify for a range of Master's degree programmes via the Dual-subject Bachelor’s programmes. The Master of Education qualifies students as music teachers at general education schools (primary and secondary schools as well as special needs schools). The Dual-Fachmaster (a specialist Master's degree), incorporating the Master of Arts in Music and the Master in Integrated Media, qualifies students for a range of professions in education, management, creative business and science.

A broad and tolerant understanding of music is the foundation for the academic examination of such varied fields as historical genres and traditions, the physiological and psychological foundations of perception and the effects of music, the challenges of globalization and migration, and the tremendous changes undergone in music in and through the media. In the field of music education, students are prepared early on for their future roles as teachers. We offer a diversified range of content and methods for contemporary music teaching.

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