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Doreen Schneider, Kendra Peters

A6 2-201 u. A6 2-202 (Campus Map)

head of the lab

Prof. Dr. Esther Ruigendijk


Speech and Music Laboratory
FK III Linguistic and Cultural Studies 
Carl von Ossietzky University                     
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118
26111 Oldenburg
Room: A6 2-201 & A6 2-202 (Campus Map)

Information for Users

How do I get access to the lab?

▪ All students and staff members of Faculty III can get access to the lab after signing up by sending an e-mail to .

▪ New students/staff members who wish to use the lab or those who aren’t familiar with the lab yet please send an e-mail to . You will then get your access authorisation.

▪ Before using the lab please make a reservation via google calendar. The calendar is open to everyone who has been granted the access authorisation.

▪ Reservations in the google calendar should be very clear – please state your name and e-mail adress / mobile phone number for further questions.


▪ Students and staff members who do not have a lab key please send an e-mail to . Please note that the keys have to be kept safely at all times.


Equipment and possibilities for researchers?

▪ You can make reservations for the rooms A6-2-201 and A6-2-202. In A6-2-201 we have computers with E-Prime installed on them, this is where you can set up new experiments. In order to work with E-Prime you will need the E-Prime key. In case you need it, please let us know via e-mail to .

▪ The computers in A6-2-201 require a password. Students and staff members can use their university account passwords. Since E-Prime is installed on a local server only, you will need yet another user name and password in order to use it. You will find a note with those data on the table.

▪ In A6-2-202 we have a soundproof booth, EEG devices and an eye tracker. You can also do reaction time studies there. For the evaluation of EEG data you will have to use a special computer in A6-2-202 that has an Eeprobe license installed on it.

▪ The computers in A6-2-202 do not require a password. They work with either Windows XP or Windows 7 and have Opensuse installed.

▪ There are printed and digital versions of the handbooks for the EEG- and eye tracking devices. In case you have a problem, please make sure to consult the handbooks first for a solution.

▪ Before starting EEG- or eye tracking studies you will need the official permission of the person responsible for the lab. Please contact .

 ▪ The computers as well as the EEG- and eye tracking devices have to stay in their proper places.

▪ In case you have problems with the equipment (computers, EEG, eye tracker) please report to .

▪ For further wishes concerning technical devices or computer software please let us know: .

▪ Before downloading software onto the computers you will need permission.

Do's and Don'ts for lab users

▪ Before using the lab please double-check whether it is really free at your preferred time to make sure that other researchers are not disturbed.

▪ The computers in the lab are supposed to be used for research purposes only. They should only be used for working on experiments –private internet searches are not allowed. Also you mustn’t open files of other users without their consent.

▪ Please try and keep your printing to a minimum.

▪Eating and drinking next to the technical equipment is not permitted.

▪ Please leave the lab clean and tidy.

▪ After leaving the lab make sure to lock the doors properly. Shut the computers down and put smaller technical devices safely into the locker. Please shut all windows and don’t leave any valuable possessions behind.

(Changed: 2020-12-16)