Sophie Hutta

A6 2-201 u. A6 2-202 (Campus Map)

head of the lab

Prof. Dr. Esther Ruigendijk


Speech and Music Laboratory
FK III Linguistic and Cultural Studies 
Carl von Ossietzky University                              
Ammerländer Heerstr. 114-118                   
26111 Oldenburg
Room: A6 2-201 & A6 2-202 (Campus Map)

For participants

What is the speech and music lab?

The speech and music lab is a campus location where researchers can conduct various experiments in a controlled environment. You have probably been invited to the speech and music lab by one of our affiliated researchers. Depending on the type of research, a good preparation could be to watch our movies on eye-tracking and EEG.

What experimental projects are conducted at the speech and music lab?

The researcher who invited you to the lab has probably provided you with information on the research method, but also on several preconditions that should be met. For all sorts of research projects, please make sure you are relaxed and have had a good night's rest before the day the experiment is going to take place. Make sure you have had sufficient healthy food and drinks (but no alcohol, energy drinks or coffee) before you take part in an experiment. 

  • For eye tracking: Please don't wear too much mascara, as is makes it difficult for the eye tracker to find your eyes. Both glasses and contacts are allowed.
  • For EEG: you may want to bring your own shampoo, hair styling products and comb or hair brush since you will have to wash your hair after the experiment. We provide clean towels, but you might also prefer to bring or own. A hair dryer is available. 

Where is the speech and music lab and how do I get there?

By bus: at the central station, take the exit 'Süd' and cross the plaza towards the bus stops on the far end. You can take bus 306 direction 'Universität' or bus 310 direction 'Wechloy'. After a bus ride of approx. 10 min. get off the bus at 'Universität'. Cross the street and walk towards building A06. The speech and music lab is on the second floor in rooms 201 and 202. 

By car: If you are travelling from direction Emden/Leer or Osnabrück, on the A28 take the exit 'Oldenburg-Haarentor'. Take a right off the exit and follow the main road 'Ammerländer Heerstraße' until you reach the crossing with 'Uhlhornsweg' and turn to the left onto 'Uhlhornsweg'. On the second zebra-crossing, turn left into the car park. You can leave your car there and continue to building A06. The speech and music lab is on the second floor in rooms 201 and 202.

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