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In the event of a hardship, please contact: .

Hardship regulation

Preferential consideration of a case of hardship in the allocation of places in courses

In the allocation of places, students with a so-called "hardship reason" are given priority.
Students who can prove a case of hardship will be entered on an anonymous list in Stud.IP and will be given priority in the allocation of places in the registration procedure according to priorities (lottery procedure).

In order to make use of the so-called hardship regulation, an informal application and participation in the registration procedure via Stud.IP (indication of priorities) is required.

Early registration in the course or registration after the automatic allocation of places has expired will not (no longer) take place.

Criteria and proof of hardship

  • Serious long-term illness or disability
    Proof: e.g. current certificate from the doctor about the illness with details of the duration, severely disabled person's ID card.
  • Care of a child up to the age of 14 in own household.
    Proof: e.g. birth certificate of the youngest child
  • Care of close relatives (parents, parents-in-law, spouse, partner, siblings or children)
    Proof: e.g. certificate from the health insurance company about the care and the effort to be expended
  • Students of a cooperative subject at the University of Bremen
    Proof: e.g. certificate of enrollment
  • Active participation in the committees of Faculty I, the Institutes of Education, Special and Rehabilitation Education or Social Sciences
  • Important. A professional activity is not considered as a case of hardship



An informal application by e-mail to is required for the claim. Be sure to attach a file with scanned or photographed evidence (see above) to your e-mail. The submitted evidence will, of course, be treated confidentially and will be deleted immediately after it has come to our attention.

Applications must be submitted no later than three days before the event places are allocated. The exact dates can be found in the respective application regulations.

A general right to consideration of the hardship application does not exist, but depends, among other things, on the available capacities in the courses.

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